Why the Trades?
Why the Trades?

Episode · 1 year ago

E01: Pilot Episode - Window Washing with the Window Ninja with Joe Jakoby


Show Notes

In the inaugural episode of Why the Trades?, Mr. Clelland Russell is joined by his long-time, best friend and business partner, Joe Jakoby. They dice things up, giving a good read on the trades as a whole, and specifically in the realm of roofing and window cleaning.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Typical day of a window cleaner
  • Freedom that comes with the trades
  • Starting a window cleaning business and much more         


This is a great kick-off for a podcast that is bringing invaluable information on the world of trades to it’s listeners!


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LinkedIn - Clelland Russell

FB - @WhytheTrades


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Joe Jakoby

FB - @thewindowninjas 


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