Why the Trades?
Why the Trades?

Episode · 1 year ago

E04: Waste Management with the "Dumpster Diva", Becky Duncan


On this weeks episode, Clelland welcomes Becky "Dumpster Diva" Duncan, owner of redbox + Greater Louisville into the studio. Becky discusses the reasons why she choose to start a business in this unlikely trade. and how she utilizes the skills she has learned through years of work in marketing, and her time in the Air Force to make her name known in the industry. If you're curious about franchising your business, you should definitely tune in to hear some great reasons Becky chose to buy into a franchise instead of starting from the ground up. Also, this episode comes with wine.


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Becky Duncan -

Owner, redbox + of Greater Louisville


Co-Founder at New Vibes Wine Co.


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