Why the Trades?
Why the Trades?

Episode · 6 months ago

E22: Tech this Out! - with Dr. Telly Sellars, JCTC VP of Technical Education


Show Notes

This week Clelland welcomes Dr. Telly Sellars, JCTC Associate VP of Technical Education, to the show. Dr. Sellars and Clelland tackle some of the important questions surrounding technical education that prospective students should consider.


Topics Discussed in this episode:

  1. Changes in Technology and Job Training
  2. Concerns in Higher and Technical Education
  3. Job Automation and What it Means
  4. Demand for Programmers and Technicians
  5. Workforce Solutions     


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Guest Info

Dr. Telly Sellars

Associate VP of Technical Education

JCTC (Jefferson Community & Technical College)

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