Why the Trades?
Why the Trades?

Episode · 4 months ago

E28: Putting Your General Contracting Worries at Ease with Austin Kessler


Show Notes

This week Clelland welcomes Austin Kessler, Owner of Total Home Restoration & Remodel in Louisville, Kentucky. Austin nails it with some industry insight and tells his story of becoming an experienced General Contractor before reaching 30; his passions, challenges, successes, failures, and goals for the future.


Topics Discussed in this episode:

  1. General Contractors
  2. Managing Sub-Contractors
  3. Organizational Development
  4. Residential vs. Commercial Contracting
  5. Managing Cash Flow 


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Guest Info

Austin Kessler - Owner

Total Home Restoration & Remodel

FB - @TotalHomeKy

IG - @TotalHomeKy

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