Why the Trades?
Why the Trades?

Episode · 6 months ago

E29: Trade Principles with Principal Nancy Campbell


Show Notes

This week Clelland visited the campus of Prosser Career Education Center, and spoke with Principal Nancy Campbell. They peeled back the layers of importance in properly preparing youth for the work force and empowering them with skills and experience.


Topics Discussed in this episode:

  1. History of Prosser
  2. Number of Skilled Trades Represented
  3. Community Partnerships
  4. High School Curriculum and Night School 


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LinkedIn - Clelland Russell

FB - @WhytheTrades


Guest Info

Nancy Campbell - Principal

Prosser Career Education Center

FB - @prossercec

IG - @prossercareers

Twitter - @ProsserCareers

YouTube - ProsserTV

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