Why the Trades?
Why the Trades?

Episode · 3 months ago

E32: The Dividends of Non-Profits with Talley Russell and Sarah Brady


Show Notes

This week Clelland welcomes the love and hero of his life, Talley Russell, and another super woman, Sarah Brady, to the show. Together they highlight the work of non-profits and tackle some heavy issues; from poverty to policy change and empowering people to become more self-sufficient.


Topics Discussed in this episode:

  1. The Importance of having a Mentor
  2. The Non-Profit World
  3. Apprenticeship Programs
  4. Empowering People through Education & Skills
  5. Ending the Cycle of Poverty


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LinkedIn - Clelland Russell

FB - @WhytheTrades


Guest Info

Talley Russell - Director of Government Affairs for Humana (Board Member for FSH)

Sarah Brady - Family Scholar House

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